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Mitt Romney is Such a NICE Person.

Mitt Romney's Tax Return. The Real Story.

Op: My take on Romney’s tax return, in response to an article posted The Atlantic (linked above) .. While I don’t believe he has done anything wrong, legally speaking, (ignoring his untaxed overseas accounts), he is partially responsible for the disproportionally low tax rate on capital gains.

He spent millions for lobbyists, while he was in charge of Bain capital, to go to Washington to gain support for lowering the capital gains tax to where it is at today. So in effect what really matters is not that his taxes are paid according to the law, but that he used millions of dollars to influence how the law is written. That is known as crony-capitalism and undermines the free market.

But to allow him to say, “blame the law not me,” while he was in effect one of the sponsors of the tax rate on capital gains is disingenuous, unethical, and corrupt. If you want a real eye opener, research

(google this) 

1) Romney proposes restoring naval shipbuilding:

2) Who holds government contracts to build navy ships..:  

Please place 1 and 1 together, this guy is in it for the money period. (see above picture)

This is the exact kind of corruption that Ron Paul has championed against for decades in Congress, and why Ron Paul would never fall behind to support Romney, despite what analysts believe. This is also the same reason why Ron Paul supporters will never change camps if you try “courting” them during a debate.